African Americans and the Diaspora working with Africans to promote oneness and common development as a people.

To engage and unite people of African descent in constructive collaboration towards oneness and common holistic development.


  1. Reconciliation and Restoration
    Create social and cultural awareness that leads to reconciliation among African Americans, the Diaspora, and Africans.
  2. Education and Holistic Development
    Promote a healthy and effective African philosophical framework for life, leadership, governance and holistic development (spiritual, social and material).
  3. Societal Transformation
    Facilitate collaboration for holistic development amongst Africans in the Americas, the Diaspora, and Africans in the following societal domains:
  4. Family
    b.     Religion
    c.     Government & International Relations
    d.    Business/Economics
    e.    Education
    f.     Arts, Sports & Entertainment
    g.    Media
    h. Security
    i.      Science & Technology

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