I knew at a very young age that I would be a musician. Strumming to the music of Wes Montgomery,George Benson,Norman Brown and any other artist or group that would capture my ear and my heart to the world of music.Born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado.

  • Genre
    Smooth Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Hip-Jazz, Progressive Jazz and R&B
  • Band Members
    Gregory Goodloe Guitar & Vocals, Vernon Brunzetti Bass Guitar
    Donald Young Keyboards and Vocals, Beetle Drums & Vocals Lawrence Sims Percussion & Vocals.
  • Hometown
    Mile High City of Denver/Aurora Colorado
  • Record Label
    Hip Jazz Records Inc.
  • Affiliation
  • Long Description
  • Love is in the air the sound of music everywhere.Hip-Jazz is an art form of music derived from many expressions of music and various artist. We connect Contemporary and Nu-Jazz with Rythm and Blues,Rock n’ Roll as well as Hip-Hop keep’n the beat bouncing with a form called Hip-Jazz.
  • Bio
    The evolvement of Light Years Ahead started from a tiny ideal by Gregory Goodloe to bring some of the greatest and gifted musicians togeather to create a music and a sound that is unique and all it’s own. Blending music and ideals light years ahead of it’s time.
  • Current Location
  • General Manager
    Gregory Goodloe




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