End the Hate Make Killeen Great


Aren’t you tired of seeing innocent lives taken over senseless violence in the news…If your answer is yes we agree!
End the Hate Make Killeen Great is a spontaneous committee created by a group of friends on Facebook who wanted to change Killeen for the better.

President Sherrique Gordon made a post stating his concern for the way certain residents in Killeen think about their representation of being local and someone slandering their area of territory in contrast too if a local would have a city Barbecue there would be little to no support. Soon after that he started a phenomenon of support for a positive event/BBQ to reduce crime rate and bring people together. He wanted to bridge the divide and add more unity to the community.

Vice President Amber Rose Mezzacappa chimed in on the post and wanted to help support and build the momentum on the foundation of his idea.

Treasurer Samantha Santiago created the slogan of this event and created the Gofundme account to start the fund raising process in support of this idea.

Secretary Domonique Duvall heard about the event and wanted to also support any way she could.
As a team we have worked together to get the event off the ground and it will be at Long branch Park on Sunday July 31, 2016 from 3pm to 8 pm. Businesses and vendors of all kinds are invited to come represent their brand and share their love for the community. There will be BBQ, kid water games, summer fun contests, a talent show, DJs,  and live bands with many performances. We may not be able to create world peace by tomorrow, but we can at least create peace within the community we reside in for the safety of the children and for all of us. We can make this happen as a community but it starts with one positive event at a time and YOU! Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there!

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