What I Do

I am an Emotional Empowerment Coach. My mission is to help women in management become skilled at managing emotional stress in the workplace and become significantly more confident leaders. When you are emotionally self-aware, you will not waste valuable time struggling with self-doubt and internal conflict.

The Emotional Empowerment Process

My Emotional Empowerment Process is a structured and results-oriented program that focuses specifically on emotions triggered in the workplace by others. Its purpose is to develop the skill to manage effectively those stressful emotions that take Emotion_Cover slidercontrol of your mind and cause emotional stress for hours, days, or weeks. You will not be concerned that others might perceive you as being “too emotional.” You will stop reliving embarrassing, shameful, and hurtful experiences that make you cry. You will know what to do to remain calm and focused in emotionally stressful situations. You will exude confidence. The Emotional Empowerment Process consists of two essential components: Emotional Self-awareness and Emotional Management. You will learn how thoughts affect feelings and how feelings influence behavior. You will learn how thoughts can keep you from functioning at your level of potential. You will learn to manage your emotional stress quickly and effectively so that it does not hinder your productivity. The two components of the Emotional Empowerment Process are available via webinar. The webinar consists of eight 45-minute weekly training sessions. Each weekly webinar outlines an essential step of the Emotional Empowerment Process. Participants learn a specific skill in each coaching session. Afterwards, they test and strengthen that skill in their personal workplace laboratory with actual colleagues. The Emotional Empowerment Process webinar will help you develop the skill required to manage emotional stress in the workplace and feel significantly more confident in your role as leader.

“Women in Management and Emotional Disequilibrium in the Workplace”
Journal of The North American Management Society




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