Denise The Author


Welcome to my website, I have waited along time for this moment and I am so grateful to have you view my web site. On this site you will read some very good books, written by me. My autobiography, You Only Get One Mother and I especially wrote these two special books, Females Listen Up and Males What Are You Doing? In these books I begin speaking kids 6-12, Teenagers, Women and Men. I hope these books will help all teenagers, men and women I basically used what I was taught; and everyday things that I see. The reason I wrote these books because I have a vast mother that taught me everything etiquette, respect and love so I would like to pass it on. I want all teens to know that there is someone out here that cares and is willing to help. Also coming soon, a Men’s magazine for Women.

These are some very sexy men with their own styles, stories and topics. Thank you so very much for visiting my web site




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