Chief Executives Consultants



CEC offers a variety of services, including:

World-class training services. CEC helps entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. CEC has received rave reviews for its one-of-a-kind seminar designed to help entrepreneurs, ranging from restaurant owners to manufacturers, amass the financial, customer service, quality management, sales and others skills needed to launch effective business operations and achieve continuous growth and profitability. Learn more.

Consulting. Consulting. There are countless businesses that are just squeaking by; they are marginally profitable and a constant drain on the business owner’s energy and resources. CEC helps business owners tackle the difficult problems needed to stay lean, formidable and profitable in an increasingly competitive marketplace. CEC employs highly-skilled consultants, many of whom have led large business units at some of America’s top national corporations.

CEC executives know first-hand that not all business problems crumble under the assault of sustained thinking. Solving key business challenges sometimes requires the additional perspective and deliberate actions of innovative, highly-skilled and experienced consultants who are free to orchestrate without the burden of routine company approaches and organizational norms. Our consultants step outside the box and dig deep to help your organization fashion the perfect solution to any business challenge, large or small.

Member-only online tools and support forum.  CEC’s online community is just what business owners need to stay informed and access invaluable business management tools and information. The CEC online community is  a virtual information powerhouse for business owners who want to exchange information and ideas with other business owners using our discussion and commenting system, participate in online training sessions, access business plans and other types of templates, learn about legislation pending legislation that affects business owners and receive periodic newsletters and other valuable resources. Learn more.  

Products. CEC offers a number of products for business owners, including Intuit Accounting software, which CEC can customize for your operation, electronic money processing equipment (point-of-sale systems) that allow you to process customer payments and keep your inventory up-to-date, as well as motivational products to help your team remain united as you go about achieving company established goals.




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