No-obligation Consultation

Welcome to 2Style-U – Now Accepting Tricare Insurance

2Style-U boutique specializing in hairpieces for women undergoing cancer treatment. We stock an extensive collection of high-quality cancer designed  for women undergoing chemo and radiation therapy.

Our boutique provides a stress-free experience while selecting your new hair, human-hair and or synthetic. We provide customized wigs for cancer patients. Our staff all have experience as cancer support specialists and understand the needs of women in cancer treatment. Custom Hair is devoted to meeting the needs of  women and men experiencing hair loss from cancer treatment and hair disorder condition.

We advise clients one-to-one and will accommodate your busy schedule. Contact us for information and to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation.

Covered by Your Insurance

Steps You Should Take

  • FIRST: Obtain a prescription for a cranial prosthesis from your doctor.
  • SECOND: Call your insurance company and ask if they reimburse for cranial prosthesis. Do not use the term, “wig.” A wig is a fashion item and is therefore not medically necessary.
  • THIRD: Call us to make an appointment for a no-obligation complimentary consultation. We will get you set up with a customized wig that looks so much like your real hair, no one will know it’s a wig unless you choose to tell them –

We issue detailed receipts complete with medical coding. This receipt is then sent to the insurance company. Often our clients are reimbursed for the entire cost of their wig.

Soon thereafter you will get a check from your insurance company. It’s as simple as that. Call today for your complimentary consultation and or online consultation.

I wanted to create a healing space where ladies can come to maintain their looks during treatment would feel welcome and safe. . While going through cancer treatment I’d like you to have only good hair days so you can focus on your daily life.




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