Network Planning and Design

Network Planning & Design Services deliver value by designing the most economical multi-vendor network with our Quality of Service to support for current and future services. A well-planned network maximizes profits by minimizing capital 5expenditures and reducing operational costs.

The Network Black laptopPlanning & Design address pre-deployment planning and design of multi-vendor network elements and management systems. Covering multiple technologies including wireless, optical, circuit switching, fixed access, and data.

Data Network Planning & Design provides planning and design of IP, ATM, MPLS and high-speed Ethernet networks or a hybrid network of multiple technologies.

Wireless Network Planning & Design provides planning and design of your 3G UMTS and CDMA2000 networks, as well as 4G networks.

Technology Evolution Planning & Design focuses on network plans and designs that introduce new technologies into existing networks.

Documentation Creation Documentation Creation – develop a Network Planner’s Record (NPR) that contains the documented results of the Network Planning & Design effort

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