Xtreme Network Consulting

Our Mission

We are committed to provide responsive, unmatched quality IT support and innovative solutions to exceed client’s business needs while protecting the integrity of all end users; public and private.

Our Vision

Our sole focus is on meeting the information technology needs of our clients by providing high quality and practical advice and solutions. We understand the importance of information technology and how it supports the business requirements of our clients. We value integrity, embrace challenges, and demonstrate professionalism in our project engagements.

Essentials for a Great Website

Stage I (Scope): This stage is an information gathering and objective definition stage. This stage would be complete once both parties sign off on the goals and objectives.

Stage II (Plan): We will decide on the hosting options if needed that best suited for the stated goals (as defined in stage I). We will work with the feedback provided by the customer to further refine the final layout. We, along with the customer, will also arrive at a complete list of graphic elements, e.g. graphs, images, diagrams, etc.

Stage III (Build): This stage will consist of populating the site with relevant content, the content will be provided by the customer. We will optimize all content for online use. The end result of this stage will be a near completed website.

Stage IV (Customer Review): This stage will see comprehensive testing by Xtreme Network Consulting, to ensure that the website will appear correctly on all Operating system platforms.

Stage V (Deploy): The site will be open to the public. Final customer review will be done by reviewing everything from photos to forms.

Handover of Assets: As a practice Xtreme Network Consulting builds sites that are extremely easy to maintain using the latest technologies in the world. This stage will include the handover of all the above site assets and will be zip and email, uploaded to one of the large file programs. This will conclude the active stage of the project; the site will be fully deployed.

Xtreme Network Consulting Client Projects

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